What Do You Hope For Campaign



Get Involved!!!

We are hard at work on the new video for this year’s H4H gala.

The theme for this year’s video is “What Do You Hope For?” – the idea being that lots of people have gotten involved in the foundation over the years, and everyone’s source of inspiration has been unique.

The video will feature a collage of words illustrating what our foundation hopes the future looks like. We’d love to collect as many words as possible so we can demonstrate how big our cause has grown.
If you are interested in submitting a photo, here are the instructions you will need to follow:
1. Using plain printer paper and markers, create a sign that shows “what you hope for.” Some examples that have already been used include: Change, A Cure, Strength, To Make a Difference, More Smiles, Tomorrows, The Future, and A World Without CF. Make sure the word is bold and easy to read!
2. Stand in front of a solid color wall (preferably not white) and have someone take a picture of you holding your sign. Hold the sign at shoulder height and have the person zoom in so that your mouth is showing but your eyes are not. iPhone photos will work fine, but please take the picture horizontally, not vertically. Don’t forget to smile! An example picture is attached to help clear up any questions.
3. Email your picture to Kari at kari.oneil.2@gmail.com by January 15th. Don’t throw away your sign – I will let you know if I need you to make any photo adjustments!
4. Get your friends involved!  We are hoping to collect as many photos as possible.